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Creating Video ads on MyClixNet
It's easy! Before you start to promoting youtube videos you have to add funds to your purchase Balance! After you can buy / create your video campaign under Advertise; Youtube promoter.

Step 1: Add your video title

Step 2: Add your video, Attention: only the video id, example: djeg75868dh!

Step 3: Targeting your countries where you want to promote your videos

Step 4: Choose the time between 30 and 480 sec.

Step 4: Choose the amount of views, min. is 5 views!

Step 6: Agree to our Terms and Services, the amount for the campaign will be taken from your Purchase Balance!

Last step: Buy now!

Just like that, after you can view your status and statistics under your member account in "My Video Ads"

Our service helps you to promote your youtube videos and you got between 100 and 300 views daily that will be automatically help you to get success on Youtube, special for owners of Youtube channnels or Streamers!

Enjoy it!
MyClixNet, Your Professional Advertising Platform


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